Pallbearer Box Calls

With one hand, hold the bottom of the box call. Hold the paddle with your other hand and softly stoke the side of the box call with a sweeping motion. Make sure to have constant contact with the box.
CLUCK: Lay the paddle on its side and lightly tap the handle of the paddle with the index finger on your right hand.


Pot Calls

For consistent pitches, use the upper third of the call. For deeper tones, use the center of the call. The closer you move to the edge of the call, the higher the pitch you will make. Cluck: Using a popping motion, move striker in quick, straight 1/4" lines.
Yelp: Move the striker in straight, quick, 1/4" lines, seven to ten times.
Purr: Slowly slide striker in a 1" line across surface. Hold stricker higher for a consistent sound. To create additional friction, use sandpaper as needed.


Scarecrow Crow Call

Say "Caw" into the call. Start with three quick "Caw" sounds and then add a long "Caw" at the end.


Hootie Owl Call

Using very little pressure, say "Who cooks for you" and "Who cooks for you all." If you apply pressure, the sound will break and will sound raspy.