About Us

Strut Commander crew spotted this full strut longbeard. Strutting turkey in the hardwoods of Mississippi.

 During their break from filming deer and ducks, the Buck Commander production crew could be found in the turkey woods. But what began as a little downtime fun turned into a full-blown passion. With the approval and guidance from Willie Robertson, Strut Commander became a reality. Now Strut Commander offers a variety of calls to fit any turkey hunter’s needs.

 The Strut Commander line of calls are inspired by hardcore hunters with one goal in mind — luring a gobbler to its final resting place. The crew incorporates what they learn from their hunts back into these calls, priding themselves on making products that can be used by rookies, weekend warriors and seasoned pros alike. The Strut Commander crew knows that if properly used, the combination of their calls and a steady aim will help you successfully fill your tags and your dinner plates.


Mike Miller 

Strut Commander's Mike Miller the Turkey Killer with his Florida longbeards.He is wearing Realtree camo and surrounded by South Florida Swamp.

Hunter, champion caller, outdoor enthusiast...these are just a few of the terms that describe Mike Miller. With almost 40 years of turkey hunting and 22 years of guiding under his belt, Mikey has certainly earned the name "Mike Miller the Turkey Killer". Not only can he hunt and guide, Mikey is also among the top turkey calling champs, winning the Cabela's Open calling contest two years in a row.

Mikey has hunted with several of the top names in the industry and filmed for numerous TV and video productions, including Duck Commander and Buck Commander. His adventures have taken him to Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and all over the US. Whether he finds himself with a camera, a gun or a fishing pole he can truly command the wild. He enjoys the outdoors with wife, Kelly, and stepsons, Tylor, Cody and Logan.


Jordan Summitt

Strut Commander's Jordan Summit with his Florida longbeards.He is wearing Realtree camo and surrounded by South Florida Swamp. Jordan Summitt started working back in 2006 as a cameraman and producer of the show Buck Commander. He spends the fall behind the lens but in the spring he pursues his passion of chasing turkeys. Jordan has been a turkey hunter for almost a decade now and enjoys the camaraderie of the hunt with friends and family. Jordan says, "Strut Commander has always been something I wanted to see happen, I’m just blessed to be a part of it!”.  He is married to his favorite hunting partner, Angila, and has 2 boys – Rhett and Slade.